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Meet the Law Schools Leading the Way in Innovation

Bloomberg Law ($): “As law firms, businesses, and their clients adapt to the new realities of the legal and business worlds, law schools must prepare students in new ways—beyond traditional law school curricula and teaching methods—to give students an experience and education that better prepares them for their post-graduation careers. Bloomberg Law launched its inaugural Law School Innovation Program [open access] as a means of promoting, acknowledging, and connecting the law schools that are innovating in the legal education space and providing their students with new ways of learning the law. Ten finalists for the program were selected from nearly 90 applications, representing more than 60 schools in 27 states, by a team of evaluators that rated the programs based on four criteria: innovation, impact on students, ability to advance the legal industry, and replicability. The finalists’ innovations ranged from business and technology to well-being and privacy, and they represent a wide cross-section of developments in legal education. They are listed here, in alphabetical order, along with additional details about each one…”

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