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Mapping Movements – The Art and the Science: we have the winners

Special Interest Group of the British Ecological Society dedicated to Movement Ecology research: “We all love to look at maps of animal movements, but producing good maps is challenging However, thanks to rapid developments in the software and methods for producing maps, there are now many options for mapping animal movements – likely more than anyone among us is aware of! Thus, our aim was to launch a competition to attract contributions from a broad range of fields, to facilitate knowledge exchange.  Maps can be produced for different purposes, so we asked for contributions to 4 different categories – the pretty one (the most beautiful/artistic map); the nerdy one (the map displaying the most technically challenging/smart solution/approach); the dynamic one (the best dynamic map of animal movements); and the RMap one (the best map produced entirely using R, with complete reproducible code).  Certainly the competition was a success, as we received 42 amazing contributions across the four categories (10 ‘pretty’ maps; 8 ‘nerdy’ maps; 18 ‘dynamic’ maps, and 4 ‘RMaps’) from 30 international research institutions, and 505 people cast their vote! The MoveSIG Committee also voted and we now are delighted to announce the winners of our first, annual MoveMap competition!  The winners will each be invited to write a blog post on the blog for the journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution (for the RMap and Dynamic category winners) or the Journal of Animal Ecology (for the Pretty and Nerdy category winners) – stay tuned!…”

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