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Legal support staffing must be addressed by law firms to successfully transition to hybrid working

“This month BigHand released the findings from the largest legal survey of its kind – with over 900 respondents from legal professionals in North America, the UK and APAC with roles across Operations, HR, Support Services, Resource Management and Practice Group Leaders. When we first assessed the results, the main thing that struck me was the number of firms in every region that are not yet fully prepared for the difficulties that an unprecedented rate of retirement and attrition will have on their support function. The loss of senior talent and the innate knowledge they have of their lawyers working habits and support expectations is a massive challenge. This is only exacerbated by the recruiting challenges firms are facing in trying to replace this loss of talent. When you factor in the difficulties that hybrid working will introduce it becomes a major area of concern…”

  • You can access the full report here.

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