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Legal Design: New Challenges and New Opportunities

Yankovskiy, Roman M, Legal Design: New Thinking and New Challenges (May 15, 2019). R.M. Yankovskiy. Legal Design: New Challenges and New Opportunities // Zakon, 2019, №5, pp. 76—86. Available at SSRN:  – “This article is dedicated to the notion of “Legal Design” which generally applies to creative approaches to legal tasks. The method has spread widely with the development of legal technologies (legal tech) which improve the efficiency of everyday legal jobs (through aggregators, machine learning algorithms, distributed instruments. etc.). As developers of the new products must use design thinking (UX/UI design, prototyping, a/b testing, scaling) this approach is also being gradually adopted by the legal community.

When I started to write this article, I faced a dilemma: either to put it together using legal design methods (e.g. client-oriented approach, visualizations, simplifications) or mask the content under layers of pseudo-scientific jargon and sophisticated citations. I’ve chosen the first option in full accordance with Legal Design philosophy and I hope that readers find it useful…”

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