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Leaving Google for Perplexity – An AI Based Search Engine

How to Geek – This AI search engine is redefining how we search the web: “…Why Do We Use Search Engines? You have a question. The internet has a lot of answers. The search engine is the bridge that connects your question to relevant answers. The keyword here is relevant. A good search engine will understand your search intent and show articles and blog posts that most accurately answer your question. Which, if done quickly, is all the better. Now, before generative AI, search engines (like Google) provided you with a list of potential answers, such as articles or blog posts. You had to manually check those answers till you found something that solved your problem. However, in some instances when a single source wasn’t enough, you had to browse multiple articles to get the complete picture. Now, with Google’s recently launched AI-powered Search Generative Experience (SGE), we have a potential solution to this issue. SGE will try to understand your search query and then reference a few articles to generate an answer to your question. The only thing is, Perplexity does this a lot better..”

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