Accurate, Focused Research on Law, Technology and Knowledge Discovery Since 2002 Helps Library Advocates Assert Rights in Digital Era

[August 24, 2022] “the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) launched, a revamped resource to support library leaders, practitioners, and advocates in proactively asserting library rights in the digital era. Libraries, as well as the research, teaching, and learning activities that they support, enjoy special rights in US law, starting with the constitutional purpose of copyright: to promote the progress of science and the useful arts. Core to these rights is fair use, a flexible doctrine that allows the use of copyrighted works without permission from the rightsholder under certain circumstances. In the current era of digital teaching, lending, and loaning, research libraries may rely on fair use to continue to exercise these fundamental rights.In a previous iteration, ARL created as an author-facing resource to educate scholars about the importance of retaining rights to their works in order to better enable them, along with research institutions and libraries, to provide equitable access to increasingly expensive and paywalled research. In its current refresh, the website invites a broader audience to consider how the rights afforded to libraries under the US Copyright Act can be asserted to advance equitable digital access to information… includes Modern Interlibrary Loan Practices: Moving beyond the CONTU Guidelines, a white paper meant to cut through outdated and inaccurate “rules of thumb,” and to inform library practice and advocacy around interlibrary lending, licensing, and journal subscriptions…”

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