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Created by Mike Reilley, Founder and Editor of Journalist’s Toolbox Ai: “A few years ago, I was doing a digital tools training for a group of journalists in Phoenix. One of the attendees took me to task for saying that a surge of AI tools would be coming in the next few years. “Google uses AI all the time,” he said. “This is nothing new.” He was partly right: Google and other companies have used AI components for many years. But he was clueless about the gold rush of AI tools and resources that were to come. So when the gold rush hit in late 2022 and early 2023, I began to think about a stand-alone website dedicated only to AI tools, ethics and best practices. Journalists would need help navigating the complex, often troubled waters of artificial intelligence tools. Where could they turn? So in June, I built The site includes links to hundreds of AI tools for writing, editing, image and video creation, data visualization tools, productivity, and, most importantly, ethics and best practices. I’ll be adding more resources – at least five a day – in the coming weeks and months. I also have been publishing this free, twice-monthly Substack newsletter…It features new tools, exercises and training videos that also appear on our free YouTube channel.”

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