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Most Border Wall Opponents, Supporters Say Shutdown Concessions Are Unacceptable

Pew: “Partisan divide on whether shutdown is ‘very serious’ problem. With the partial shutdown of the federal government in its third week, both opponents and supporters of expanding the U.S.-Mexico border wall overwhelmingly oppose making concessions to end the stalemate. A new Pew Research Center survey finds that majority of Americans (58%) continue to oppose substantially expanding the border wall, while 40% favor the proposal. Overall opinion on the wall is little changed from last year, but these views have never been more sharply divided along partisan lines: Republican support for the wall is at record high, while Democratic support has reached a new low. And both sides appear to be dug in: Nearly nine-in-ten (88%) opponents of expanding the border wall say it would not be acceptable to pass a bill that includes President Donald Trump’s request for wall funding, if that is the only way to end the shutdown. Among the smaller group of wall supporters, 72% say a bill to end the shutdown would be unacceptable if it does not include Trump’s funding request. At a time when there are wide partisan differences on most political issues, the divisions over the shutdown and border wall are especially striking. Democrats and Republicans disagree on whether the border wall would reduce illegal immigration into the U.S. and on the impact of the shutdown on the country…”

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