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In New Facebook Effort, Humans Will Help Curate Your News Stories

The New York Times – “Facebook has long relied on algorithms to select news stories for its users to see. Now the social network wants to rely on something else for the same task, too: humans. Specifically, Facebook plans to hire a team of editors to work on a news initiative called News Tab, which is its latest venture into the world of publishing. The Silicon Valley company said that journalists would help curate News Tab, a new section inside of the company’s mobile application that will surface the most recent and relevant stories for readers. Facebook said it planned to hire seasoned journalists from various outlets for the roles and would put up job postings on its employment board on Tuesday. News Tab is part of the company’s effort to highlight real-time journalism and news. It will exist outside of the News Feed, Facebook’s never-ending stream of status updates and friend requests… [one two three – got librarians? – if not – hire some – please!]

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