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If you’re not a climate reporter yet, you will be

Nieman Lab: “Covid-19 coverage offers lessons for reporting on the climate crisis. The degree of interdisciplinary collaboration with the science desk is new, and it could prove a model for how news organizations cover the climate crisis..

Never in the history of modern news journalism has a science story — the story of a new pandemic, its prevention and treatment — dominated the news agenda for as long as Covid-19 has. When I asked science journalists if they could think of any precedent, some mentioned the space race between the former Soviet Union and the U.S., from the “Sputnik shock” in 1957 to the moon landing in 1969. While the space race did garner enormous media attention, its effects on everyday life can’t be compared to those caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and it didn’t dominate the worldwide news agenda as much as Covid-19 has…”

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