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Human Rights Watch Report on Detainee Abuse in Iraq

Press release: “In the 53-page report, “No Blood, No Foul: Soldiers’ Accounts of Detainee Abuse in Iraq,” soldiers describe how detainees were routinely subjected to severe beatings, painful stress positions, severe sleep deprivation, and exposure to extreme cold and hot temperatures. The accounts come from interviews conducted by Human Rights Watch, supplemented by memoranda and sworn statements contained in declassified documents.” [July 2006 — Volume Number 18, No. 3(G)]

  • Download PDF file of this report (55 pages)
  • Download PDF of report with cover (57 pages)
  • Summary
  • Recommendations
  • Soldiers’ Accounts, includes the following sections: I. Task Force 20/121/6-26/145 Camp Nama, Baghdad; II. Forward Operating Base “Tiger,” near al Qaim, Iraq; and III. Mosul: Camp Diamondback/Camp Glory
  • Legal Standards
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgments
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