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How WSJ visualized 500+ conflicts of interest of The Trumps

Storybemch explainer: “The Wall Street Journal recently published an interactive graphic showing the Trump family’s more than 500 potential conflicts of interest. In it, a galaxy of dots and lines show the complicated relationships between Trump, his children and a complex network of business holdings. Storybench spoke with Joel Eastwood, the reporter, and Julia Wolfe, the graphic designer, about the project’s reporting, data cleaning and visualization. “The most difficult part of many visualization projects, and certainly of this one, was distilling a complex, messy dataset into a clean visualization with a clear takeaway,” says Eastwood.”

See also via Storybench – 10 innovative visualizations of Trump’s first month in the White House – “A month into Donald J. Trump’s presidency and the media has had more than enough to report on. Amid advisors resigning, a dizzying web of conflicts of interest, and a fair share of distracting tweets (see here, here and here), there is no shortage of stories being explained by researchers and news organizations using timelines, network visualization, charting and videos. Storybench took a look at how newsrooms have used data visualization and interactivity to cover Trump’s administration so far.”

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