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How To Win “As One” with Other Talented Professionals

Leader to Leader, Molly Tschang, First published: 06 June 2019 – “Our relationships with ourselves and others make or break our success. The group or individual with highest intelligence or skill set does not necessarily come out on top. Those who get to a shared reality make the best decisions, execute with speed, and deliver outstanding outcomes. Shared reality results when two or more people take the time and effort to build a common view of the world around them. This view can be narrow, such as: what kind of people with what talents and experience do we want to hire for our startup? Or it can be far‐reaching, as in: how do we know our employees understand and buy into our vision? This, by the way, is a step that many skip. Some of us skip it occasionally, and some of us skip it every single time. An ego‐driven chief executive officer who loves the sound of their own voice will never create a shared reality with their team … unless and until it dawns that failure to do so is wrecking their career (and not serving the company)…”

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