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How to send password-protected emails in Gmail

ZDNET: “Gmail is used by millions of people around the globe. As of February, 27.21% of people use Gmail as their primary email client. I count myself in that number (though Gmail is far from being the only account I use) and depend on Gmail for work-related communication. I have to send sensitive information to others on a regular basis. Although I’d rather take advantage of GPG encryption found in the likes of Thunderbird, I don’t always have that option… especially when using Gmail (as Gmail doesn’t offer encryption options such as Pretty Good Privacy). However, a few years back Google did add a nice feature to Gmail called Confidential Mode that helps protect sensitive information from authorized access. With Confidential Mode, you can set an expiration date and a password for messages and even revoke access any time you choose. And when a recipient receives a confidential message, they cannot forward, copy, print, or download the message. Although this isn’t a 1:1 substitute for actual encryption, it is much easier to use than the encryption options found in Thunderbird.”

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