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How to search for images you can (legally) use for free

The Verge: “If you’re looking for an image that you can repurpose for one of your projects and aren’t able to take a photo yourself, there are a ton of free images you can use online without running into any copyright issues — you just have to know where to look. Here, we’ll go over different places where you can search for free images on the web. It’s worth noting that when searching for free images, you’ll often come across the Creative Commons (CC) license that lets you use an image for free. But depending on the type of CC license an image has, there may be some limitations that require you to credit the original artist or prevent you from making modifications to the image. That’s why it’s always important to read up on the license it possesses before using an image. You can find more information on the differences between specific CC licenses here. Now, let’s get into all the different ways you can find free images…”

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