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How to screenshot an entire webpage on iPhone

Mashable: “Today in “things we learned on the internet,” did you know you could screenshot an entire webpage on your iPhone? You may think you already know how to screenshot on an iPhone, but you can also do so for a full page, then save it as a PDF and revisit its contents whenever your little heart desires. Taking full-page screenshots on iPhones is super simple and helpful, yet I, a person who’s owned an iPhone for over a decade, had no idea it was possible until I watched this TikTok video. If you, like me, are tired of screenshotting webpages on your phone in chunks and struggling to figure out which order they go in, this handy hack is for you. Allow me to walk you through the steps of how to take a full page screenshot on an iPhone, and you’ll be taking your own full page screenshots in no time.”

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