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How to Manage Your Small Law Firm Like a Business

mycase Jared Correia – “Lawyers are fantastic at substantive law practice.  They should be. They spend the entirety of their law school and bar exam preparation experience on the topic.  If you come out of law school, and you’re not good at practicing substantive law, something has gone terribly wrong. But, you know what you’ve probably never said: “Wow, that lawyer reminds me so much of Steve Jobs!” And, that’s because lawyers don’t operate as business managers with anything like the precision they exert over their substantive legal work.  That’s not entirely on the attorneys, though.   Lawyers are not trained to be business managers; and, the vast majority of managing attorneys don’t pick up the business management skills they need over time, either.  The average attorney cranks away, head-down, on billable hours, every workday, because that’s what they understand, and that’s what they’re good at. Meanwhile, their businesses crumble slowly around then; they’re fiddling with .6s while Rome burns down. If managing attorneys instead operated their businesses with the same precision they researched precedent, or conducted witness interviews, or defended criminal clients, this script would flip entirely.  The reason lawyers fail as business owners is because they do something in running their businesses that they would never do in their substantive case work: they guess, all the time. Imagine an attorney making an assumption about a particular case disposition without looking it up.  Impossible, right! But, managing attorneys do that all the time in managing their businesses…”

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