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How To Keep Your Laptop or Desktop Well Maintained

Gizmodo: “Like anything mechanical—your car, for example, or your washing machine—your laptop or desktop computer will benefit from being regularly maintained, it’ll last longer and perform better, and the regular jobs you need to do to keep it in the best possible condition won’t take you too long or need too much expertise. The earlier you can start on these tasks, the better—if you’ve got a wheezing, sluggish computer that’s been neglected for years, it might be too late to bring it back to its normal state of operation. It’s also important to revisit these tasks on a regular basis: Maybe not every day, but certainly every few weeks. If you’re noticing serious slowdowns on Windows or macOS, resetting your computer back to its original state is an option, as long as you’ve got all of your data backed up somewhere safe. You can find instructions for how to do this from Microsoft or Apple…”

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