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How to keep your intimate, embarrassing or damaging text messages as private as possible

Washington Post: “…Secure messaging is essential for people like political dissidents, whistleblowers and journalists talking to sources. But a conversation doesn’t need to fall into the hands of a government to be damaging, and you don’t need to be sharing anything high-profile to be at risk. In addition to being subpoenaed by law enforcement, private chats can be shared without consent in social groups, on social media, with reporters or end up in civil trials…Everyone can have a text message they’re not proud of, a conversation that’s too personal for the general public, or be targeted for attending a protest. While these precautions can help, they won’t make you 100 percent safe. “Nothing makes you a ghost,” says Alexis Hancock, director of engineering at the nonprofit digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation…”

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