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How to Change Your Background on a Video Conference Call

Gizmodo: “As we’ve all grown more used to video calling for everything from school to birthday parties, the importance of the right background has started to become noticeable. Depending on the scenario—and who you need to impress—you might want something plain or funny, but you have to make sure you always get it right. You probably don’t need us to tell you how seriously some people are taking the issue of video chat backgrounds, and a badly placed book can be the difference between a success or a failure. Luckily, you don’t actually have to rely on the real world at all if you have an appropriate image or illustration you can use instead. We’ll cover the native options in your most-used video-chatting software below, but there are also a slew of video chat plug-ins you can use to add even more options. Something like Mmhmm can plug into most video-conferencing tools, offering an even wider choice of backgrounds (like a live video feed, for example) and background settings…”

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