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How The Times Uses FOIA to Obtain Information the Public Has a Right to Know

The New York Times – Our lawyer provides an update on why we’re still filing so many Freedom of Information Act lawsuits – “…what we face every day in The New York Times’s legal department as we continue to push against government secrecy through the use of FOIA. Whether it is helping our reporters as they go after documents in Washington and the Virgin Islands related to Jeffrey Epstein, or suing the C.I.A. over its refusal to release information about the United States’ war efforts in Syria, we have made FOIA a centerpiece of our legal work at The Times. Since its inception, FOIA has rightly been denounced as a weak and ineffective law, but The Times continues to aggressively pursue documents through the statute, doing what we have done repeatedly over the past 15 years: going to court to challenge the government’s refusal to release materials that the public should see. The Times has brought more FOIA suits over the last decade than any other mainstream media organization in the country…”

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