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How the Internet Archive is waging war on misinformation [this may be paywalled] – “…The archive hopes its repository will help others identify false information and fact-check suspicious content. The emergence of deepfakes — videos that appear to show someone doing or saying something they did not do or say — is a “monster problem”, said Roger Macdonald, director of the organisation’s TV archive. But having a library of videos means experts and algorithms can help spot those that have been tampered with or taken out of context…Deciding what to do about fakes is more difficult, and not part of the archive’s mandate. But Mr Graham argued that simply removing false information or offensive content isn’t necessarily the answer. Hateful material need not remain publicly available, he said, but certain researchers and politicians should be able to study it. As such, the Wayback Machine does not filter out misinformation. “It’s not about trying to archive the stuff that’s true, but archive the conversation. All of that is what people are experiencing,” said Mr Graham [Mark Graham, Director of the Wayback Machine]…”

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