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How Google is killing independent sites like ours

And why you shouldn’t trust product recommendations from big media publishers ranking at the top of Google. “Google regularly launches updates to its algorithm to continuously improve search results quality. Think of these updates as a refresh of the system where rankings change: some websites see an improvement while others see a decline. At HouseFresh, we keep an eye on Google’s news and documentation because these updates can literally make or break our website. That said, we don’t write for Google’s robots and always make editorial decisions with our readers in mind. We know that at the end of the day, Google will reward us if our readers find our articles useful. Or that’s what we thought. You might have noticed that no matter what you google, there’s always a selection of the same publishers showing up at the top of the results…Big media publishers are inundating the web with subpar product recommendations you can’t trust. Uncovering the cookie-cutter system well-known magazines and newspapers use to trick Google…”

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