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How Do You Define ‘Legal Tech’?

Artificial Lawyer: “What is legal tech? How can we define the term? It sounds easy, but try and figure out where it begins and where it ends, and you soon find yourself in a logic puzzle. Artificial Lawyer asked a range of experts from across the market how they would define ‘legal tech’. Here is what they said…

[snipped] Legal technology is generally understood to include technology and software aimed at the legal services market, which means it is necessarily quite broad. ‘However, I think the line needs to be drawn on whether the technology was conceived or designed to (i) support a lawyer to deliver services to clients in a new or more efficient way (ii) enable a consumer to access legal advice in new or more efficient way or (iii) to entirely disrupt a legal process.’ And that third aspect stands out, i.e. that it could be tech that isn’t just to help lawyers, or help people with legal services, but completely changes a legal process…”

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