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Hiring in the Great Resignation – 2021 State of Tech Salaries

“We’re in the middle of the Great Resignation where employees are quitting their jobs at record-setting rates. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many entered a period of reflection, reevaluating their career paths with newfound perspective. Some people vowed never to work from an office again, while others sought out better benefits and work-life balance. This has led to high employee turnover and a spike in demand for top tech talent. In this fluid candidate job market, companies must rethink their recruiting and hiring strategies and reframe staffing challenges as opportunities for innovation. What benefits should they offer to attract and retain talent beyond competitive salaries? How should they restructure compensation plans, e.g. based on cost of living, as they shift to more flexible work models and hire across the globe? And finally, what matters most to employees when it comes to their careers and what are companies still missing or falling short of? Companies can’t afford to sit back and expect talent to come to them – they need to take proactive steps to attract, employ, and retain top tech talent in this competitive market. In this year’s State of Salaries Report, we took a close look at Hired’s marketplace data to uncover how and why salaries have changed – specifically with the spike in remote work – since the beginning of 2020 and how demand for tech talent has shifted across different markets. We also gained valuable insights from over 1,200 tech employees to provide companies with answers to the above questions and guidance on how they can adapt to meet changing candidate preferences, revamp their hiring strategy, and thrive in the Great Resignation era…”

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