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GreenerCars is an annual assessment of every new model in the U.S. light-duty vehicle market. It is based on a lifecycle assessment of the greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions from the production, use, and disposal of each vehicle. Unlike other evaluations of the health and environmental impact of vehicles that rely solely on fuel-efficiency, GreenerCars scores every vehicle on its entire impact and is the most effective way to compare gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. In addition to assessing the emissions from fuel burned in a vehicle’s engine, we assess the upstream emissions generated by electricity used by a vehicle, emissions produced when mining and processing minerals for batteries, and emissions from manufacturing vehicles and vehicle components. Green scores are generated for each model and can be used to assess how green a vehicle is. Users can also assess vehicles based on their class so that they can make the greenest purchase that meets their mobility needs.

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The Greenest List highlights the 12 highest scoring models this year, the Greener Choices list includes a variety of high scoring conventional vehicles, and the Meanest list identifies the 12 worst performing mass-market models. The average fuel cost of a vehicle on the Greenest List is a fifth of the average fuel cost of a vehicle on the Meanest List, showing that greener options can also be more affordable. Greenest List – The electric vehicles on the Greenest List had the lowest fueling costs because of their higher efficiency. EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models topped the list…”

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