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Gmail trick that everyone should be using for third party communications

BGR – “When compared to other email providers, Google’s Gmail does an incredible job of figuring out which emails are worthy of your attention and which ones are spam. That notwithstanding, it’s still easy to get bogged down with an overflowing inbox thanks to a seemingly endless stream of promotional emails that, while not technically spam, aren’t exactly important either. The root cause of this is that when you sign up for a newsletter or provide your email to a company, it’s not uncommon for your email to be passed around to any number of additional parties. There is, however, a clever little Gmail trick that makes it easy to figure out who exactly is sharing your email, and perhaps other personal data, with third parties. Say, for example, you’re buying a shirt at Old Navy and, as part of the checkout process, they ask for your email address. If your name is JohnDoe@gmail, you should instead enter your email address as [email protected] The rationale behind this trick is that Gmail automatically ignores any characters that follow a plus sign. In turn, you’ll still be able to receive emails from Old Navy, but you’ll also be able to tell if Old Navy is sharing your data with others if you start noticing emails from third parties sent to the [email protected] address…”

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