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Global Migration Data Portal

Data Drive Journalism: “You’ve scanned large reports, scoured online annexes, and navigated website after website for information scattered across different organizations and agencies. Yet you still haven’t found the migration information and data you’re looking for to support a story or analysis. There’s now a website to make your search easier. Created for journalists and others interested in migration, the Global Migration Data Portal makes migration data, data sources and topics more accessible and understandable. Launched in December 2017 and administered by IOM’s Global Migration Data Analysis Centre, the Portal brings together key facts and figures about global migration trends and topics in one place and communicates global data on migration through visualizations, infographics and videos. Covering migration has been recognized as one of the biggest challenges facing the news media, in part because contradictory data, statistics, and terminology can lead to myths and misconceptions about migration. The Portal aims to be a reliable tool for journalists to meet this challenge…”

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