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Full Fact has been fact-checking Facebook posts for six months. Here’s what they think needs to change

Nieman Lab – “Organizations (ABC News, Snopes, PolitiFact,, and the AP) to help stem the flow of false information on the platform. Over time, it’s expanded these third-party fact-checking partnerships: It now has more than 50 partners globally, fact-checking in 42 languages. Full Fact, the independent U.K. fact-checking organization, signed on as one of Facebook’s third-party fact-checking partners in January. (All partners must be members of Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network, though that hasn’t completely prevented disputes over who should qualify to be a fact-checker; some original partners like Snopes have dropped out.) Six months in, the organization has released a report about its experience so far — what it’s learned, what it likes, and what it thinks needs to change. Full Fact’s two major concerns about the fact-checking program are scale and transparency — ongoing complaints among Facebook’s partners. “Facebook’s focus seems to be increasing scale by extending the Third Party Fact Checking Program to more languages and countries,” the report notes. “However, there is also a need to scale up the volume of content and speed of response” — being available in a lot of countries isn’t enough if individual country partners are only able to skim the surface of misleading content..”

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