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Finding the Story of New York in 5,000 Dog Pictures

The New York Times – A new archival project uses photos dating back to the 1940s to track the very special canine-human bond in New York City. “There were graceful Great Danes, curious German shepherds and regal Rhodesian Ridgebacks. There were Lord Tareyton and Lady Gretchen and Buster and Mingus; tiny terriers and yawning cocker spaniels and snow-covered poodles; dogs in strollers and dogs in goggles, dogs on playgrounds and in sunroofs and on airplanes; goldendoodles that stared into your soul and briards that tugged at the heartstrings. The dogs — specifically, the good dogs of New York — could be found in a treasure trove of photos in The New York Times’s archives. This week, 20 of them were brought back to life in the latest installment of Past Tense, an archival storytelling project from The Times that uses the archive’s six million photos, dating back to 1896, to tell new stories. This selection shows the historical relationship between New Yorkers and their dogs…”

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