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eBird Status and Trends

“High-resolution data, visualizations, and tools describing where bird populations occur and how they change through time—powered by eBird data and updated annually, providing you with the best available science. The eBird Science team uses state-of-the-art statistical models and machine learning to build visualizations and tools to help decision makers, scientists, and birders alike to better understand migration, abundance patterns, range boundaries, and much more. The team compiles raw eBird data (the when and where people report birds) and high-resolution satellite imagery from NASA, NOAA, and USGS into cutting-edge statistical models to predict population trends and to predict when, where, and in what numbers species occur every week of the year. Discover when a species migrates, where they go, and where and when are they most common with these mesmerizing weekly abundance animations. These state-of-the art visualizations highlight annual changes in abundance patterns that improve our understanding of bird biology and migration ecology, and guide conservation actions…”

Dive deeper into weekly abundance maps and explore featured examples

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