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E-Bike Environment and Economics Impact Assessment Calculator

“RMI’s E-Bike Environment and Economics Impact Assessment Calculator for Cities simplifies the process of assessing the impact of mode-shift from electric bikes (e-bikes) for policymakers, transportation officials, advocates, and other interested stakeholders. The tool estimates the impact of e-bikes as a substitute for short vehicle trips, based on a city-wide mode-shift to e-bikes goal; it also estimates the impact of an e-bike incentive program. Environmental and economic impacts include:

  • Reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and air pollutants (NOx, PM2.5, and carbon monoxide) from reduced vehicle trips.
  • Reductions in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) for short vehicle trips and total trips within a given city.
  • Consumers’ economic savings due to reduced driving, realized by reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

If your city is not included in the calculator and you are interested in using this tool to assess the impact of e-bikes in your community, please reach out to Bryn Grunwald and request that your city be added.”

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