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DuckDuckGo Releases Its Own ChatGPT-Powered Search Engine, DuckAssist

Gizmodo: “DuckDuckGo launched a beta version of an AI search tool powered by ChatGPT Wednesday called DuckAssist. The addition to the company’s privacy-focused search engine uses ChatGPT’s language parsing capability to generate answers scraped from Wikipedia and related sources like the Encyclopedia Britannica. The tool is free and available on the DuckDuckGo web browsing apps for phones and computers as well as the company’s browser extension starting today. “DuckAssist is a new type of Instant Answer in our search results, just like News, Maps, Weather, and many others we already have,” said Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of DuckDuckGo, in a blog post. “We designed DuckAssist to be fully integrated into DuckDuckGo Private Search, mirroring the look and feel of our traditional search results, so while the AI-generated content is new, we hope using DuckAssist feels second nature. Unlike Microsoft’s bungled AI projects with Bing (RIP Sydney), DuckAssist isn’t a chatbot. Instead, DuckAssist will suggest an automatic answer when it recognizes a search term it can answer. It’s not being forced on anyone. When an AI-powered response is available, you’ll see a magic wand icon with an “ask me” button in your search results. The company says DuckAssist is still in beta, so it may not pop up that often yet…”

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