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Dropbox’s AI tools can help you find your stuff from everywhere on the internet

The Verge: “Dropbox is launching two different but related AI-powered services into its platform. The first is simple and obvious: a tool for summarizing and querying documents. This is neat and useful and the sort of feature you’ll see in most tools in this category over time…The Dash app comes in two parts. There’s a desktop app, which you can invoke from anywhere with the CMD-E keyboard shortcut, that acts as a universal search for everything on your device and in all your connected apps. (If you’ve ever used an app like Raycast or Alfred as a launcher, Dash will look very familiar.) There’s also a browser extension, which offers the same search but also turns your new tab page into a curated list of your stuff. One section of the Dash start page might include the docs Dropbox thinks you’ll need for the meeting starting in five minutes; another might pull together a bunch of similar documents you’ve been working on recently into what Dropbox calls a “Stack.” You can also create your own stacks, and as you create files and even browse the internet, Dash will suggest files and links you might add…”

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