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Disruptive Technology: Selected Sources, Musings, and a Bit of Speculation

Kassel, A. (2017, January). Disruptive Technology: Selected Sources, Musings, and a Bit of Speculation, Online Searcher 41 (1), 31-35.

Via the author: “I address topics such as:

1. What disruptive technology means for information professionals
2. Why it’s important to incorporate Web research.

Academic librarians may need to address and update policies and work with faculty to make changes. Valuable resources, wherever you find them, should be incorporated into teaching and training, imo. I make the point that not all questions can be easily or fully be answered using academic resources alone. Quoting the article, I think the flowing sentences are particularly pertinent to your questions:

“It’s important to point students in other directions and recommend realistic solutions. After graduation, students will no longer have access to the scholarly databases or if they do through alumni offerings, licensing disallows them from using these databases for commercial purposes. Librarians should teach students about alternative sources and research methods that students can use in their real-life settings post-graduation.”

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