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Democracy Report 2022 – Autocratization Changing Nature?

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) produces the largest global dataset on democracy with over 30 million data points for 202 countries from 1789 to 2021. Involving over 3,700 scholars and other country experts, V-Dem measures hundreds of different attributes of democracy.

  • The level of democracy enjoyed by the average global citizen in 2021 is down to 1989 levels. The last 30 years of democratic advances are now eradicated.
  • Dictatorships are on the rise and harbor 70% of the world population – 5.4 billion people.
  • The increasing number of closed autocracies – up from 25 to 30 countries with 26% of the world population – contributes to the changing nature of autocratization.
  • Electoral autocracy remains the most common regime type and harbors 44% of the world’s population, or 3.4 billion people…”

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