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Cyber review slams Microsoft

Cyber Safety Review Board Releases Report on Microsoft Online Exchange Incident from Summer 2023: “Today, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released the Cyber Safety Review Board’s (CSRB) findings and recommendations following its independent review of the Summer 2023 Microsoft Exchange Online intrusion. The review detailed operational and strategic decisions that led to the intrusion and recommended specific practices for industry and government to implement to ensure an intrusion of this magnitude does not happen again. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas received the CSRB report from the Board and delivered it to President Biden. This is the third review completed by the CSRB since the Board was announced in February 2022. “Individuals and organizations across the country rely on cloud services every day, and the security of this technology has never been more important,” said Secretary Mayorkas. “Nation-state actors continue to grow more sophisticated in their ability to compromise cloud service systems. Public-private partnerships like the CSRB are critical in our efforts to mitigate the serious cyber threat these nation-state actors pose.

In August 2023, DHS announced that the CSRB would assess the recent Microsoft Exchange Online intrusion, initially reported in July 2023, and conduct a broader review of issues relating to cloud-based identity and authentication infrastructure affecting applicable cloud service providers (CSP) and their customers. The CSRB obtained data from and conducted interviews with 20 organizations and experts including cybersecurity companies, technology companies, law enforcement organizations, security researchers, academics, as well as several impacted organizations. The inclusive review process developed actionable findings and recommendations. As a result of the CSRB’s recommendations, CISA plans to convene major CSPs to develop cloud security practices aligned with the CSRB recommendations and a process for CSPs to regularly attest and demonstrate alignment…”

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