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Chrome is flagging HTTP sites as “not secure”

In case you have not noticed, your workplace security team has no doubt started blocking your access to websites that are not using HTTPS encryption – via ZDNet: “Chrome will today start marking sites that don’t use HTTPS as “not secure. First announced two years ago, Google said it would flag any site that still uses unencrypted HTTP to deliver its content in the latest version of Chrome, out Tuesday. It’s part of the company’s years-long effort effort to gradually nudge more webmasters and site owners into adopting HTTPS, a secure encryption standard for data in transit. Any site that doesn’t load with green padlock or a “secure” message in the browser’s address bar will be flagged — and shamed — as insecure In simple terms, HTTPS provides security but also integrity. That green padlock means any data sent from your computer or device to that website and vice versa is transmitted securely and can’t be intercepted by an attacker. Because HTTPS wraps an encrypted tunnel around the site and anyone who visits it, users also know that the site hasn’t been modified in any way by anyone other than the website owner…”

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