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ChatGPT comes for radio

The Verge: “It’s been pretty slow in the audio world for the past few weeks — except when it comes to AI, which seems to be progressing at a clip.  Today, ChatGPT comes to radio, NPR employees prepare for layoffs, and Spotify expands its audiobook business….RadioGPT makes it easy to replace human DJs with bots. Axios Cleveland reports that local business Futuri has launched a product called RadioGPT, which can theoretically do most of the work of manning a radio station without human labor. According to the website, it uses GPT-4-powered bots that can perform interstitial chats about the music lineup, local weather, and news and even field listener comments and questions. RadioGPT can also do tasks that would otherwise be the domain of interns and entry-level staffers, like creating complimentary blog posts, converting live shows into podcasts, and social media. Unlike the deeply wonky AI Radio, which I reported on last month, this is not just a fun thought experiment. According to Axios, the product will debut next month with Alpha Media and Rogers Sports & Media, which represent more than 250 stations combined across the US and Canada…”

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