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Celebrating over 3,000 Historical and Contemporary Legal Reports Now Online

In Custodia Legis: “For more than eighty years, the Law Library of Congress has been engaged in the preparation of research reports on legal topics, with an emphasis on foreign, comparative, and international law, in response to requests from Congress, the executive and judicial branches of the federal government, and others. The Law Library has authored thousands of reports from the 1940s to the present, and in 2020, we announced a multi-year effort to digitize and publish many of our previously unreleased historical reports in order to make them fully accessible to researchers and other members of the public. In July 2022, the Law Library celebrated a significant milestone—over 3,000 digitized and born-digital historical reports have been released online as part of this project, with additional legacy reports being published nearly every week. In April 2021, we also launched the Law Library’s second crowdsourcing campaign with By The People, entitled Historical Legal Reports from the Law Library of Congress. Thanks to the help of hundreds of online volunteers, this campaign was successfully completed in three short months last summer, and the completed transcriptions are now fully integrated into the Library’s permanent collection, greatly improving discovery and access for all users. The majority of reports are now full-text searchable, with plans for another round of crowdsourcing sometime later next year…”

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