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Machine Learning + Libraries: A Report on the State of the Field

The LC Signal: “Digital collections in libraries are vast—and growing, as we continue to digitize cultural heritage materials and acquire new born digital collections.  At the same time, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence has grown exponentially.  At LC Labs, we explore how technology can help fulfill the Library of Congress’s vision that… Continue Reading

Internet Archive to Publishers: Drop ‘Needless’ Copyright Lawsuit and Work with Us

Publishers Weekly: “During a 30-minute Zoom press conference on July 22, Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle urged the four major publishers suing over the organization’s book scanning efforts to consider settling the dispute in the boardroom rather than the courtroom. “I call on the executives of Hachette, HarperCollins, Wiley, and Penguin Random House to come… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Has Allowed Law Librarians to Flex Their Tech Prowess – “Newly appointed American Association of Law Libraries president Emily Florio discusses how COVID-19 is allowing law librarians to shatter myths about their capabilities. On Monday, Hogan Lovells U.S. senior research services manager Emily Florio was formally elevated to president of the American Association of Law Libraries. Last week, AALL held its all-virtual conference… Continue Reading

Experts respond to big publishers’ attacks on libraries and digital lending

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA — “Overnight, millions of people all over the world lost access to millions of physical books when libraries and schools closed to stop the spread of COVID-19. The nonprofit Internet Archive (IA) is now being sued by four big publishers for actions IA took to help communities during the pandemic and establish… Continue Reading

A New Role for Little Free Libraries

Book Riot: “…during this pandemic, we are listening a little more attentively, more diligently, perhaps even more sincerely, at the issues that affect our communities. For many, this attention brings painful reminders or a new understanding of the many injustices surrounding us, which can be debilitating. But paying attention has also prompted people to take… Continue Reading

The Increasingly Essential Role Of The Law Librarian

Above the Law – Robert Ambrogi – Robots are not coming for law librarians’ jobs. “…Already, law librarians’ evolving roles require them to wear a variety of hats. Increasingly, one of those is legal technologist. These days, one can hardly be an information professional without also becoming a technology professional because the two disciplines overlap… Continue Reading

Report – Regulating Electronic Means to Fight the Spread of COVID-19

In Custodia Legis Library of Congress – “It appears that COVID-19 will not go away any time soon. As there is currently no known cure or vaccine against it, countries have to find other ways to prevent and mitigate the spread of this infectious disease. Many countries have turned to electronic measures to provide general information… Continue Reading

Alexa, are you listening?

Information Technology and Libraries – An exploration of smart voice assistant use and privacy in libraries: “Smart voice assistants have expanded from personal use in the home to applications in public services and educational spaces. The library and information science (LIS) trade literature suggests that libraries are part of this trend, however there is a… Continue Reading

Teachers face threats, books are banned as China pushes party line in Hong Kong schools

Washington Post: “As China’s Communist Party dismantles Hong Kong’s freedoms, teachers are facing pressure to toe Beijing’s line. Schools are emerging as ideological battlegrounds as officials seek to transform freethinking students into patriots loyal to the motherland through punishment, coercion, surveillance and propaganda-style education. “I feel like we have suddenly been put on the front… Continue Reading