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The material consequences of “chipification”: The case of software-embedded cars

Forelle, M. (2022). The material consequences of “chipification”: The case of software-embedded cars. Big Data & Society, 9(1). “Today’s modern car is an assemblage of mechanical and digital components, of metal panels that comprise its structure and silicon chips that run its functions. Communication and information studies scholars have interrogated the problematic aspects of… Continue Reading

OpenAI, Mass Scraper of Copyrighted Work, Claims Copyright Over Subreddit’s Logo

404 Media: “OpenAI, a company that has indiscriminately scraped the internet and vast amounts of knowledge and creative works created by humans to build a company valued at roughly $80 billion, has made what Reddit described as a copyright complaint against the ChatGPT subreddit because it uses OpenAI’s logo. Moderators of the subreddit posted a… Continue Reading

We need an AI constitution that protects our civil rights [unpaywalled]: “As chief scientist of one of the first companies to use AI in hiring, I built the system that passed you over for that job. The massive employers that were our customers didn’t need to wait for your job application; we in effect applied for you, whether you knew it or not. But… Continue Reading

What Can Go Wrong When Police Use AI to Write Reports?

EFF: “Axon—the makers of widely-used police body cameras and tasers (and that also keeps trying to arm drones)—has a new product: AI that will write police reports for officers. Draft One is a generative large language model machine learning system that reportedly takes audio from body-worn cameras and converts it into a narrative police report… Continue Reading

Thwarted cyberattack targeted LC in tandem with October British Library breach

NextGov/FCW:”The Library of Congress was targeted in a cyberattack that occurred in parallel with a high-profile intrusion into the United Kingdom’s British Library in late October, but the hackers failed to access the U.S. library’s systems, according to internal documents obtained by Nextgov/FCW. The attempted breach occurred around Oct. 28, the same day the U.K.’s… Continue Reading

Top spy official releases principles on intel agency use of info bought from data brokers

Cyberscoop: “The U.S. spy chief on Wednesday published its policies for how intelligence agencies collect and use information from data brokers, but a prominent Hill critic says the guidance doesn’t address a key point about what kind of information it can or can’t obtain. The “Policy Framework for Commercially Available Information,” or CAI, released by… Continue Reading

How Congress would decide the presidency if there’s an Electoral College tie

The Hill: “A tie in the Electoral College in November is a very real possibility — and it could even end with a new President Trump and a new Vice President Harris sharing power. The odds are unprecedented in modern history, but the setup of the country’s electoral system and the fact that a nail-biter… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Ideology and the Press

Jones, RonNell Andersen and West, Sonja, Supreme Court Ideology and the Press (March 15, 2024). University of Georgia School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2024-3, Available at SSRN: or  “Among the elected branches and the broader public, positivity toward the press skews deeply ideological. The data make clear that most liberals… Continue Reading

Investigative report – FDIC Had A Culture Of Harassment And Discrimination

The Hill: “An investigation by a law firm confirmed that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. failed to provide a workplace safe from sexual harassment, discrimination, fear of retaliation, and called for a “necessary” cultural and structural change at the federal banking regulator. The review, Report for the Special Review Committee of the Board of Directors… Continue Reading

The Rise of AI: Insights from RAND

RAND – “Artificial intelligence—from machine learning that’s already widely used today to the possible artificial general intelligence of the future—has the power to transform the way we live, work, and interact. AI tools are evolving quickly, and decisionmakers are grappling with how to maximize the potential benefits, minimize the short- and long-term risks, and plan… Continue Reading