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Large Case Examination Selection Method Consistently Results in High No-Change Rates

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) – The Large Case Examination Selection Method Consistently Results in High No-Change Rates June 22, 2020. Reference Number: 2020-30-031: “The IRS compiles Tax Gap data to periodically update appraisals of the nature and extent of tax payment noncompliance for use in formulating tax administration strategies. The IRS estimates… Continue Reading

Get A Comfortable Chair: Permanent Work From Home Is Coming

NPR – “Indefinite. Or even permanent. These are words companies are using about their employees working from home. It’s three months into a huge, unplanned social experiment that suddenly transported the white-collar workplace from cubicles and offices to kitchens and spare bedrooms. And many employers now say the benefits of remote work outweigh the drawbacks.… Continue Reading

Conducting Research on Federal Real Property: A Guide to Selected Resources

CRS report via LC – Conducting Research on Federal Real Property: A Guide to Selected Resources, June 22, 2020: “This report is designed to introduce congressional staff to selected sources published by the General Services Administration (GSA) that may be useful in conducting research on federal real property—land, buildings, and structures owned, operated, or leased… Continue Reading

Telework Still Reigns As NYC Firms Cleared To Reopen Offices

Law360 – “New York City kicked off the second phase of its reopening plan Monday, freeing many companies to bring employees back into the office, but some law firms say ongoing coronavirus concerns are holding them back. “We’re in no rush to reopen in New York,” said Richard Hans, the head of DLA Piper‘s Manhattan… Continue Reading

Second Great Depression. At least 4 major factors are terrifying economists and weighing on the recovery.

The Atlantic: “The American economy is reopening. In Alabama, gyms are back in business. In Georgia, restaurants are seating customers again. In Texas, the bars are packed. And in Vermont, the stay-at-home order has been lifted. People are still frightened. Americans are still dying. But the next, queasy phase of the coronavirus pandemic is upon… Continue Reading

Research Finds Salary History Bans Help Women And Black Workers

Forbes – “The persistence of the pay gap for women and minorities has called for new policies and research in recent years as pressures mount across industries hoping to level the playing field. A new study at Boston University, released this week, might point to one solution: salary history bans.  Many who study labor law believe that… Continue Reading

Federal Reserve announces FraudClassifier Model to help organizations classify fraud involving payments

Federal Reserve Board: “The Federal Reserve today published the FraudClassifier model—a set of tools and materials to help provide a consistent way to classify and better understand the magnitude of fraudulent activity and how it occurs across the payments industry. The model was developed by the Fraud Definitions Work Group, which was comprised of Federal… Continue Reading

NYC Law Firms Officially Cleared for June 22 Reopening, Cuomo Says “New York City is the last part of the state to enter phase two of the reopening plan, but the move is still a dramatic turnaround for a city once at the epicenter of the nation’s COVID-19 crisis. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday confirmed that New York City law firms would be able to… Continue Reading

The Covid-19 Vaccine Should Belong to the People

The Nation – The US government has the authority under existing law to break patent monopolies. “…The idea that some people would not receive a vaccine was once unthinkable. In a now legendary story, Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine in 1955—and then gave it away for free. An interviewer once asked Salk who owned… Continue Reading

The Rage Unifying Boomers and Gen Z

The Atlantic – “Enormous differences separate today’s protest movements from those of the 1960s. But they may ultimately prove united by the magnitude of the change they impose… Today’s long wave of protest shares one other quality with its predecessor: It has changed popular culture and the contours of public opinion more quickly than it… Continue Reading

COVID-19 and the Banking Industry: Risks and Policy Responses

CRS report via LC – COVID-19 and the Banking Industry: Risks and Policy Responses June 18, 2020: “The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has caused widespread economic disruption. Millions of businesses were forced to shut down and unemployment soared. The weakened economic conditions are likely to have implications for the financial system, including for banks… Continue Reading