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Caselaw Database for UN International Criminal Tribunals

“The Case Law Database (“CLD”) is a gateway to the jurisprudence of the ICTR, ICTY, and MICT Appeals Chambers. It provides direct access to extracts of key judgements and decisions rendered by the ICTR, ICTY, and MICT Appeals Chambers since their inception, as well as to full-text versions of the corresponding appeal judgements and decisions. Users can conduct quick searches by notions, cases names, titles of filings, date (in year-month-day format), statutes, rules, and other instruments through the “Basic Search” page. In addition, refined searches in all fields of the database can be conducted through the “Advance Search” feature. Please note that the CLD does not include confidential decisions and restatements of established case law and does not necessarily contain all notable rulings by the Appeals Chambers of the ICTR, the ICTY, and the MICT. For exact numbering of footnotes, refer to full documents.”

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