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BUNET: Screenshots of the FBI’s Internal Website

AltGov2: “BUNET is the FBI’s internal, employees-only website (a/k/a intranet). As far as I can tell, it’s never been seen by the public until now. In August 2017, I [Russ Kick] filed a FOIA request for color screenshots of the homepage and of each page linked from the homepage. I received the PDF above. It doesn’t contain every page linked from the homepage, though. Depending on how you’re counting, there are 18 or 28 pages one click away from the homepage, and the FBI FOIA office sent screenshots of 11 of them. I’ll be trying to rectify this. You’ll also notice that the quality of the screenshots is mystifyingly awful. Or maybe the screenshots are accurate and the FBI’s intranet really is grayscale and pixelated almost to the point of unreadability…”

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