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Bound Congressional Record Now Back to 1873 in

In Custodia Legis, Andrew Weber: “In April, Robert shared the news about how we enhanced the display of historical bill text on One of the longer term projects we have been working on, also related to historical material, has been to add the Bound Congressional Record to Robert announced that our first Congress with the Bound Congressional Record, which is the 103rd, was added to the site in the summer of 2020. Since then, we have regularly been adding, testing, and reviewing additional Congresses all the way back to when the Bound Congressional Record started. We now have the Bound Congressional Record from the 46th to 103rd Congress on the site, which covers 1873 to 1994. Now if you are browsing the Senate’s website and see something like Landmark Legislation: Civil Rights Act of 1875 you can find out more on That item mentions the date February 27, 1875. You can go to and find those debates. Scroll to page 1861 and look for the term “Civil Rights” to learn more.  Keep reading to the end of the section to see the final vote.

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