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Beyond the Safeguards: Exploring the Security Risks of ChatGPT

6 major risks of using ChatGPT, according to a new study – Beyond the Safeguards: Exploring the Security Risks of ChatGPT. Erik DernerA and Kristina Batisti, 13 May 2023. arXiv:2305.08005

“The increasing popularity of large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT has led to growing concerns about their safety, security risks, and ethical implications. This paper aims to provide an overview of the different types of security risks associated with ChatGPT, including malicious text and code generation, private data disclosure, fraudulent services, information gathering, and producing unethical content. We present an empirical study examining the effectiveness of Chat- GPT’s content filters and explore potential ways to bypass these safeguards, demonstrating the ethical implications and security risks that persist in LLMs even when protections are in place. Based on a qualitative analysis of the security implications, we discuss potential strategies to mitigate these risks and inform researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals about the complex security challenges posed by LLMs like ChatGPT. This study contributes to the ongoing discussion on the ethical and security implications of LLMs, underscoring the need for continued research in this area.”

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