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Barely a quarter of Americans still have landlines

Washington Post: “…the startling answer is that about 73 percent of American adults lived in a household without a landline at the end of last year — a figure that has tripled since 2010…Every six months, as new interviews roll in, Blumberg [who now runs the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)] and his colleagues release an update. The latest shows that landlines are far more common among homeowners (34 percent have them) than among renters (15 percent), while Hispanic Americans (20 percent) are less likely to have them than their White or Black friends (30.5 percent). Only 2 percent of U.S. adults use only landlines. Another 3 percent mostly rely on landlines and 1 percent don’t have phones at all. The largest group of holdouts, of course, are folks 65 and older. That’s the only demographic for which households with landlines still outnumber wireless-only households.

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