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Article calls out harassment, disparagement of highly underrepresented female Wikipedia editors

It may well be that nobody knows if you are a dog (canine) on the internet, but if you are a female editor at Wikipedia, you are in a small and disparaged minority, The Atlantic:  “..In 2011, an internal study estimated that less than 10 percent of Wikipedia editors are female. The disparity is even starker among more experienced editors: Another study from 2011, out of the University of Minnesota, showed that only 6 percent of contributors with more than 500 edits are women. “Whatever the numbers are, we do want to see them higher,” said Katherine Maher, the Wikimedia Foundation’s senior communications officer. Shortly after the 2011 studies were published, the Wikimedia Foundation set a goal to have women make up 25 percent of its contributors by this year—but, as Wales told the BBC last year, the initiative “completely failed…”

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