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AidData’s Global Chinese Development Finance Dataset, Version 2.0

Custer, S., Dreher, A., Elston, T.B., Fuchs, A., Ghose, S., Lin, J., Malik, A., Parks, B.C., Russell, B., Solomon, K., Strange, A., Tierney, M.J., Walsh, K., Zaleski, L., and Zhang, S. 2021. Tracking Chinese Development Finance: An Application of AidData’s TUFF 2.0 Methodology. Williamsburg, VA: AidData at William & Mary. Dreher, A., Fuchs, A., Parks, B. C., Strange, A., & Tierney, M.J. (Forthcoming). Banking on Beijing: The Aims and Impacts of China’s Overseas Development Program. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Please note: Both works count as the official citation for this dataset.

AidData’s Global Chinese Development Finance Dataset, Version 2.0. records the known universe of projects (with development, commercial, or representational intent) supported by official financial and in-kind commitments (or pledges) from China from 2000-2017, with implementation details covering a 22-year period (2000-2021). The dataset captures 13,427 projects worth $843 billion financed by more than 300 Chinese government institutions and state-owned entities across 165 countries in every major region of the world. AidData systematically collected and quality-assured all projects in the dataset using the 2.0 version of our Tracking Underreported Financial Flows (TUFF) methodology.”

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